When It’s Time To Invest in Your Health.

Good health can so easily be taken for granted. Until maybe you don’t feel as good as you once did. Perhaps you’ve put on a little weight. Or you don’t get out of bed with that same spark! Or maybe you just need a break from your life circumstances. Thinking Man & Woman1

Retreat To ‘Alaya Verde’ – nature in the Noosa hinterland.

At Alaya Verde Bed and Breakfast, located in the beautiful Noosa hinterland, we offer our ‘Boutique Revive Retreats’ – a 5 day cleansing retreat running from a Sunday to a Friday, in a boutique, luxury setting for just 3 sets of guests. All meals are provided, and are prepared to allow your body to recover, regenerate and revive. Clean Food & Drink These retreats are offered from our extensive foundation in food, healthy lifestyle, mind/body therapeutics and psychology balanced with a pragmatic approach to lifestyle management. We take a relaxed and attentive approach to what you need, providing this service at a price point that delivers exceptional value. Your luxury accommodation is in separated, pavilion style ambience situated on our private, 42 acre rural property just 15 minutes from Noosa. While we take the time to consult you regarding your intentions, these retreats are ultimately self paced and self directed. So you can sleep and read or run and swim or anything in between. You can juice fast, eat raw or choose our cleansing meal option.

Our role in our ‘Boutique Revive Retreats’ is to support you and allow for a holistic recovery, and a positive movement towards optimal health and healing.

Gold Room

The 5 day ‘Boutique Revive Retreat’ package includes:

  • 5 nights of private, luxury accommodation at ‘Alaya Verde’
  • 5 days of abundant, fantastically healthy and cleansing food options
  • A private bodywork treatment (additional treatments available)
  • Morning breathing and movement classes

Blue Room Comp

Along with:

  • A program designed in consultation with a leading naturopath and Ayurvedic practitioner.
  • Optional private in-house yoga and Pilates class.
  • Suggestions of the best places to experience during your stay, – Noosa National Park, Tea Tree Bay, Sunshine Beach, Lake Cootharaba, Mt Tinbeerwah, Eumundi Market, The Noosa River.
  • Options to book in-house massage, bodywork and facial treatments in our  movement studio.
  • A relaxed and personally attentive style in the beautiful surrounds of ‘Alaya Verde’.

Green Room Composite

 What To Expect

  • Beautiful, pavilion style accommodation in an inspiring, private setting.
  • Clean, healthy, life supportive and nutritious sustenance to support your body.
  • A relaxed transformation.
  • Inspiration, increased vitality and renewed enthusiasm.
  • Greater clarity and self connection.
  • Naturally individual outcomes will vary, however we fully expect that you will feel renewed, relaxed and refreshed, with additional inspiration to sustain and support whatever health or other goals you have.

 Additional Services upon request

  • Healthy IllustrationNaturopathic and Ayurvedic Consultation
  • General Practitioner (GP)
  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Massage, Bodywork and Facial treatments
  • Psychological Consultation

Choose Your Dates for 2016

  • Boutique Revive Retreats generally run for 5 nights from a Sunday to a Friday, however we can tailor specific packages to suit your needs.


  1. Individuals – $1,995.00 + gst
  2. Couples – $2,995.00 + gst

A $375 deposit holds your place.

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Who Are We?

Gina & DuncanGina Carruthers & Duncan Hogg… Are a married couple who have been together for 27 years, raised their children and then developed the highly praised hinterland luxury Bed & Breakfast, ‘Alaya Verde’ www.noosanatureluxurybandb.com. Their idea of health is intimately connected to appreciating life and living a balanced lifestyle. Gina has always had a background in healthy living. Her father, Australia’s first world boxing champion Jimmy Carruthers, imparted his lessons on health and lifestyle from his background as an elite athlete. Her mother, Myra Carruthers, ran Sydney’s first healthy food and juice bars for well over 35 years. Myra is in her eighties, and continues her involvement in gym and Pilates classes on Sydney’s northern beaches. Gina has a psychology degree and currently manages three businesses, including ‘Alaya Verde’. Duncan Hogg has a more than a keen interest in health, psychology, bodywork, travel and food. He comes from a family that embraces both eastern and western philosophies. His mother, Lynne, – a former director of nursing – now teaches yoga and tai chi, practices massage and has an extensive knowledge and a keen interest in nutrition. His father, Roger Hogg holds a PhD in esoteric psychology. Duncan has a 28 year background in bodywork, having studied Body Harmony www.healthinperspective.org with Dr Don McFarland and continues to practice, teach and organise conferences as well as manage ‘Alaya Verde’ with Gina.